Preparing for your personal shoot

Thank you for choosing AJG Photography to provide you with some of the most important photographs you will ever have taken. Rest assured that with over 14 years of experience in taking headshots for Actors, Dancers, Musical Theatre Performers and Business Professionals your shoot will be relaxed, enjoyable and fruitful.

You now have certain things to consider before your shoot takes place to ensure that you are prepared and able to make the most of your time during the shoot. We will most certainly have a chat on the phone before your shoot to ensure that you are fully prepared and I know what your expectations are.

The best advice I can give you before your shoot is that you must keep in mind what you need the photos to do for you. They are what you will use to ‘sell’ you to prospective employers. The image that you send out must therefore suit the jobs that you want to apply for and must be the image that they see when you walk through the door! They MUST be a true representation of YOU. A great headshot is simply a snapshot of you, looking like you, on a really good day!

Bring a variety of different necklines – don’t bring three tops all with the same collar shape/style and bold bright colours are best, especially if they complement your eye colour.

Your shots should sell you – not Abercrombie and Fitch – and so avoid branded clothing and busy patterns distract from the focus of the image, which should be you, your eyes and your expression – not the fabulous detail of your family tartan.

If you have long hair, come with it styled UP at the start of the shoot and let it down half way through the shoot – it is easier and quicker to let it down than it is to waste time putting it up during your shoot. This way you will get a variety of styles on the same day. Lads, the same goes for shaving. Time can be allocated to allow you to shave but it does eat into the time in front of the camera unless you opt for a longer shoot.

Your makeup (boys and girls) should be primarily for corrective purposes and as subtle as possible. If you regularly wear makeup and will be wearing it for your auditions and meetings with industry professional, you should aim to have the same makeup in your photographs.